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Higher Customer Satisfaction.
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About Sales Mantra !
The business is all about the customer.

It is not possible to run a successful business without completely and consistently knowing the customer. SALES MANTRA is a  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool  through which any business can develop a lasting business relationship with his customers.SALES MANTRA involves all important areas of your business i.e. sales, marketing and customer service including control over your expenses and current assets.The software has been designed to enable the user to increase the sales and customer satisfaction manifolds within a short span of time.
Business Challenges Our Solution

High turnover of sales people: Loss of sales opportunities if Sales Rep quits his job

Attrition in sales force can be managed without loss of business as system having track of each and every sales opportunities including the status of each call and could conveniently switch responsibilities to someone else to take them forward
No of days spent by a sales recruit to get into the sales process. Sales Representative could get into the sales process day 1
Multiple approach to a prospect by different divisions/ sales teams within the organization. Person / location specific way of maintaining sales data Multiple approach to a prospect by different divisions/ sales teams within the organisation are highlighted and controlled, as Sales data being maintained and available centrally and as a standard process/format across the organization
Focused and effective management of valuable leads to analyze : Lead to order conversions/ failure Record conversion of lead into salescall and tracks their position in the sale. Alerts/ feedback features facilities faster decision making /closure of deals Enables the management to analyze the whole sales process :
Suspect -> Prospect -> Follow-up -> Quotation -> Order -> Post Sales Support
Sales Reports are not up-to-date : Unable to analyze the sales data as quantum of data is huge and enormous time and efforts requires in complilation and preparation of regular review papers in excel Real time reporting system : Employee performance can be maintained on day to day, weekly ,monthly or yearly on a click of mouse. The real time reports generated by the software such as sales call report, Product Order Report, Employee Target Report, Expense Report etc to analyze product & employee performance
Facing difficulties in monitoring and reviewing day-to-day sales service activities Creates and manages daily schedule of sales rep activities with alerts for pending work

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Mobile Apps.
The reason of using mobile apps.

  • Search/Add Enquiry:- You are able to add/search new enquiry fetch information easily.
  • Things to Do:- View your daily schedule/tasks and update them.
  • Complaint Management:- It increase customer satisfaction by viewing customer complaint, update it aft4 resolving from client site itself with client signature.
  • Non Selling time wasted in travelling/waiting etc can be utilized effectively.
  • Instant Allocation Of an Opportunity to your Sales Representative.

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